How to Create a Content Strategy

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It’s all in the planning

Started at the bottom now I’m here

What is a content strategy?

  1. Who the content is intended for
  2. Content themes
  3. How your content will give value and solve problems
  4. Why people should listen to you
  5. The content format you will adopt (blog, video, podcast)
  6. The channels you will post on

Content is King

It all starts with a business plan

Know your audience

It’s time to go back to school

Managing and tracking your content

  1. The type of content
  2. Content themes
  3. Content completion date
  4. Post date and time

Over to you

Watch this week’s vlog here



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alexMEDIA (Alex Martin)

alexMEDIA (Alex Martin)

With over 6 years of agency and client-side experience, I work with brands to develop social media strategies that build awareness and increase sales.